“Passion and tradition
with an eye to the future”

For years, Podere Cavàga has been combining the pleasure for the methods of the past with the passion to cultivate the beauty of Nature. The excellence of our wine is the result of a culture linked to genuineness, simplicity and concreteness, values that give our wines a unique tasting experience. Each one of our bottles becomes a partner and companion in moments of conviviality, making us proud to have been able to enclose in a glass a truly natural wine, to be shared over the years.

Our philosophy

It encloses the pleasure of research in order to maintain vines intended to obtain wines of excellent quality standards that can only be get with passion and the desire to achieve ambitious goals.

We skilfully a qualified agronomist: the wine born in vineyard; the vineyards cover a surface area of 15 hectares owned by Podere Cavàga. Nature, the mild climate and the surrounding environment help us to produce grapes of great value.

The desire to take special care of our friends and customers by offering them an excellent product is the driving force behind our every gesture:

Wine has always been synonymous with sharing. So we create lovely wines able to enhance the most delicious of dishes or that, thanks to the natural beauty of the bubbles, can exalt a very special moment. Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Franconia and Pinot Noir are the grape varieties grown on our farm on the hills of the basso Sebino region.

The territory

Located between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo to the south of Lake Iseo, it is a wine-growing and wine-producing area that has established itself worldwide for the quality and prestige of its wines.
We are so proud of the results of our work that we are looking forward to seeing you for a tasting and a guided tour of Podere Cavàga, a real full-cycle farm as per tradition. In addition, the Podere has a prestigious tasting hall for your events, with top-quality cuisine.

Our Experts

Andrea Mazzucchelli


Vanessa Verdoni

Oenology | Wine Maker

Fabio Bigolin


Giovanna Cattaneo


Anna Mazzucchelli

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